How do you live the life of your dreams after a traumatic life event? Or just a traumatic life?

I’m Cam Williams, and I’m a survivor. And not in that cliché Destiny’s Child survivor way. No, a real deal, “don’t go to the white light” survivor. Childhood Trauma? Yup. PTSD? Got it. Sexual trauma. Uh huh. Big Scary Disease? Kicking its ass. Renal Failure? Bankruptcy? Disability? Ain’t Shit Relationships? Hell YES!

My bestie confessed she envied me in college. See, she saw me squeezing every drop out of life, soaking up knowledge voraciously, discarding lovers with ease. After I stopped laughing, I looked her in the eye and shared my long-held secret — I thought I was going to die every day of undergrad! Yup. Every. Single. Day. My body was betraying me. I could feel it, but no one could diagnose it.

In my 30s, my finally-diagnosed endometriosis — and the 14! surgeries that were supposed to fix the problem — robbed me of my kidney, my relationship, my career, my finances, my can-do spirit and my sanity.

I got fed the fuck up with being sick! I grew bored with feeling broken. 

I dared to ask, “How would my life change if I chose to live and live well? What if I discarded all the rules I thought were true?”

Now in my 40s, I’m in the best shape of my life. Navigating life with one kidney and ridiculous food allergies is no easy feat.

My tragedies have fueled my greatest triumphs. And combined with training and research, makes me uniquely qualified to help you navigate yours! If you’re ready, I mean REALLY ready, to sort through your bullshit and move toward mental, physical, sexual, spiritual and financial health — holla at your girl!